At the Helm of Business

Issues at the core of this chapter are the transition to institutional practices, management, and governance. The conversation examines the strengths and weaknesses of family companies and the steps necessary to increase their lifespan and ensure they are managed effectively. Subjects discussed include family constitutions, corporate culture, values, entrepreneurship, the importance of competent human resources, and leadership.

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Doing Business in a Turbulent Economy

The middle-income trap, productivity, inflation, exchange rates, incentives, and industrial policies are among the issues discussed in the second chapter. The conversation addresses the visionary decisions that need to be made in light of worldwide developments in order to ensure Turkey’s sustainable growth and business success.

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Business and the Future of Our Planet

Sustainability, and particularly the dimensions of sustainability of concern to businesspeople, form the basis of this chapter. This conversation hones in on climate change, the greatest threat facing the planet today. It also assesses barriers to achieving common goals, new growth paradigms, and the responsibilities of businesspeople and politicians.

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Businesspeople as Social Leaders

This chapter starts with society’s view of businesspeople and then examines what businesspeople can do with respect to social issues. The conversation touches on charity in Turkey, education, equal opportunity, and the relationship between the private sector and NGOs.

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Culture & Art

Greatest Treasure, Greatest Challenge: Our Culture

With its discussion of inclusionary and participatory cultural policies, this chapter also considers the reasons why culture, which is indeed Turkey’s greatest treasure, is also its greatest problem. The conversation delves into what can be done in the field of education and by central and local government to increase Turkey’s creative human capacity.

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